Core Competencies
Best in Class Practitioners

Our senior bankers are highly skilled deal professionals with decades of experience advising clients, designing transactional strategies and negotiating complex transactions. We provide senior-level attention to each and every client, often involving multiple banking experts who each bring relevant experience, relationships and industry / geographic coverage.

To support our veteran dealmakers, we employ a team of highly trained professionals who have been recruited from top financial institutions and universities and bring a high degree of excellence and commitment to every client engagement.

Intelligence and Integrity

We bring creativity as well as critical business, financial, strategic, legal and economic insights to address each of our clients’ objectives. We do not follow cookie cutter processes, preferring instead to treat each client and each assignment with a unique path to excellence. Our approach has often resulted in category-transforming transactions and deal outcomes that defy historical industry ranges.

We pursue our clients’ objectives with the highest standards of ethics and professional conduct. We are owned and managed by our senior bankers, allowing us to provide the highest-quality advice, free of conflicts of interest, and to focus on the right deal instead of the easy deal.

Access and Advocacy

We have global access to CEOs and boards of directors at major corporations as well as senior partners and investment committee members at institutional investors.

Dealmaking starts with crafting the right message to gain mind share with key decision-makers. We advocate our clients’ financial and strategic value throughout the negotiations.

Expertise in Multiple Sectors

We have deep knowledge and transaction experience within the Technology & Media, Industrial & Manufacturing, Healthcare, Consumer & Retail, and Business & Financial Services sectors.

We do not believe investment banks should be narrowly focused on one sector, which we see as a recipe for conflicts of interest and constrained strategic insight. The interconnectedness of today’s global economy has largely erased the lines between industries and geographies and infused technology at every step in the value chain. We bring a multi-disciplinary approach to all of our client engagements, utilizing a senior team whose breadth of experience delivers optimal results for our clients.

Global Mindset

Our client base is global, spanning the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific. Over half of our deals are cross-border transactions, demonstrating our senior team’s direct access to corporate leaders and investors around the world. We maintain offices in New York and London as well as partnerships with leading boutiques in Japan and China.

In 2017, we formed Sonenshine Fulford Group, a co-advisory relationship between New York-based Sonenshine Partners LLC and London-based The Fulford Group Ltd.

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Middle Market to Fortune 100

We represent companies from middle market to Fortune 100. We have completed multi billion dollar mergers, middle market strategic and private equity deals and complex corporate financings and restructurings. Our clients are headquartered in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific, including in key emerging markets.

The breadth of our practice reflects our practitioners’ wide-ranging experience which informs and deepens the expertise we bring to each client.